Where is God?

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The spread of terrorism and recent attacks in France, the daily stabbings in Israel and the turmoil, suffering and death in the world, even religious leaders are questioning their faith.

The Ant

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Did you ever sit and watch ants scurrying about? They are tiny creatures and most of us regard them as nothing but pests. We certainly do not invite them to our picnics or into our homes. Did these tiny insects evolve, or were they created by a brilliant Designer?

Offline to Reality?

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I recently saw a cartoon that summed up an interesting trend in Western society. It showed four children playing on a park bench with their tablets and devices, with a desolate playground in the background. The caption stated, “children playing.” This satire illustrates a starkly troubling phenomenon. In our desire to virtually connect through technology, it seems as we are going offline to reality.

An October 16, 2015 The Week magazine article titled, “Smartphones: Changing us for the worse?” describes this phenomenon on p. 17:

France Activates EU Mutual Defense Treaty

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“For the first time in EU history, defence ministers unanimously decided to activate the ‘mutual defence clause’ of the EU treaty. ‘France is requesting help and assistance from Europe. And today all Europe, united, answers yes’... ‘The European Union expressed its strongest, full support and readiness to provide all the aid and assistance asked for and needed.’ French president Francois Hollande had invoked article 42.7 of the EU treaty in an address to the parliament Monday.

Calls for Unity Against “World War Three” Threat

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In the wake of the Paris attacks, Pope Francis referred to the actions of terrorists as “a piece…of a Third World War” (The Washington Examiner, November 14, 2015).