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Wallace G. Smith

Is Germany making a "right turn"?

During a time when Germany finds itself inching into the global spotlight as the leading nation of the European Union, its population is beginning to experience an interesting shift in its sentiments about who should have power and how that power should be wielded.

The tomb of Jesus?

Have you seen "The Tomb of Jesus," a Discovery Channel presentation brought to us by filmmakers James Cameron (of Titanic fame) and Simcha Jacobovici? If not, it is only a matter of time before you hear about it – such is the way with society's current fascination with the "DaVinci Code" spirit of "creative history."

Stem cell research – what BOTH sides miss

With mid-term elections drawing near, politics at its "best" has been on display. One of the most heated and passionate races has not been between two people, but between two views on a contentious issue: embryonic stem cell research and what many call "cloning."

Was Turkey visit a "win-win" scenario for the Pope?

The world has watched with interest (and, perhaps, apprehension) as Pope Benedict XVI has undertaken his first excursion to a Muslim nation. The common thought has been that the Vatican had large stakes riding on the visit and that the pope had to tread carefully.

A lesson from a ruined postcard

The weather that we have experienced so far this winter has me harkening back to our first Missouri snowfall, last winter. Being Texans, it was a big deal to us, and since it was a very mild winter last year, it was the only accumulating snowfall that we had as a family.