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Woman to Woman

Teach Your Children

  1. 30th October 2019
  2. Glory Talbott

What is the most important responsibility a mother has in shaping and nurturing her growing children? Certainly, kids need shelter, food, love, and stability. We can think of many physical comforts that will help our children to thrive. However, a Christian mother needs to consider her children’s spiritual growth even more than their physical growth.


A Gentle and Quiet Heroine

  1. 09th October 2019
  2. Melinda Brown

Movies can inspire us to change our attitudes or reflect on our lives and choices. Tense or dramatic movies can even move us to tears as we consider how we would handle ourselves in similar situations. But often, stories of real people are even more inspiring. I know a true story of a woman who, despite her circumstances, applied two principles that we do not...


Never Compromise in Faith

  1. 04th September 2019
  2. Amber Leonard

Why do we ladies in God’s Church often find ourselves the recipient of some mild disaster around the Holy Days? Why does God allow us to suffer through these trials? What does experiencing these tribulations teach us? And how does Christ’s example teach us to deal with our trials and suffering?


Are You a Delilah?

  1. 07th August 2019
  2. Sarah Walls

As women who may often find ourselves over-committed with duties in the workplace and at home, we need to ask ourselves: Are we keeping our priorities straight? Are we putting God first, followed by our commitments to our husbands and families, and finally our responsibilities towards friends and our own wellbeing? Read Proverbs 31:10–31 and Ephesians 5:22–33.


What sections of the Bible do you enjoy reading most? If you are like me, it is the narrative sections. We all like a good story. Boys like hearing about David and Goliath, Moses, Daniel, Joseph, Jonah, and Joshua and the destruction of Jericho, to name a few. Girls also like to read these popular stories, along with the accounts about biblical women: Miriam...


Moving Towards Health

  1. 03rd April 2019
  2. Julia Lundgren

Surrounded by commercials and advertisements of models with perfect figures, magazines, workout DVDs, and fad diets, everywhere we look it seems like we are pressured to feel like we need to be the “perfect” woman. While looking like a supermodel is unrealistic, we can all do things to keep ourselves healthy and strong. We know as Christians that “man looks at...


What’s in a Name?

  1. 06th March 2019
  2. Laurel Meyer

Grandmother Willa was a positive influence in my life. She was principled, yet understanding; helpful, but not overly demonstrative; instructional, but not confrontational. The stains on the kitchen ceiling of her small two-bedroom Cape Cod testified to her love of canning and food preparation for family dinners, and that she endeavored to provide for herself...


A Profitable Day

  1. 13th February 2019
  2. Faye League

It is quite common today to say “Have a nice day!” when we take our leave of someone. It creates a very encouraging and positive effect. This expression has been around for quite some time, but never seems to get old. It simply means, “I hope you have a profitable day,” and I believe that most people sincerely mean it. It is not just a casual, trivial expression.