Joy Inexpressible

  1. 25th March 2017
  2. Bill Long

On January 27th, a number of national and international events took place as part of the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. It was on that day in 1945 that over 7,000 prisoners were liberated from the Auschwitz concentration camp in southern Poland.


The Reason for the Rear View Mirror

  1. 23rd March 2017
  2. Jonathan McNair

Some time ago, I was traveling down the interstate when a most surprising thing happened. We were in the middle of a snowy day, which is actually not the surprising thing, considering January weather in upstate New York. What was surprising, however, was the cascade of snow, ice, and gravel that landed on top of our windshield just before we went under a bridge.


Keys of Our Lives

  1. 21st March 2017
  2. Roger Meyer (guest columnist)

I came across a bag of keys collected over a few decades. The keys were from cars, apartments, houses, and offices that my wife and children and I have had over the years.


A Water Fountain

  1. 18th March 2017
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

As I entered the county courthouse in the small Southern town where I grew up, it was a special day for me, because at age 14, I was going to take my license exam to obtain a driving permit. While I waited my turn, I walked around the old building with its high ceilings and creaking floors. This was the time of the racially segregated South. In an alcove, I saw...


An Evening at Grandma's

  1. 16th March 2017
  2. Lehman B. Lyons Jr.

When I was in my twenties, I would take the opportunity to visit my paternal grandmother on a Friday night. During these special visits, my grandmother would feed me a delicious meal as we talked sitting at her dining room table. Through some gentle prodding from me, she would recount her life, her upbringing, her family and her life with my grandfather.


A Time of Restoring

  1. 14th March 2017
  2. Martin Fannin

Not long ago, a friend and I stood on a mountain crest located on the Cumberland Plateau. Before us were broad grassy meadows, created from land that had been strip-mined. Although major damage had been done to the land through clear-cutting of timber and strip-mining, reclamation was producing positive results. The meadows were pleasing to the eye and the...


The functional family

  1. 11th March 2017
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

What happened to the "functional" family? You know, the one with a Dad and a Mom and children centered around the home, doing the things families do: working together, playing together, laughing and sometimes crying together.


Deliver Us From Evil...

  1. 07th March 2017
  2. Roger Meyer (guest columnist)

Many are familiar with the phrase “deliver us from evil,” which is part of the Lord’s Prayer. There is a reason this phrase was included in the model prayer given by Jesus Christ. Do you feel safe? Most do not, as is evidenced by the actions of many who are taking extra precautions to ensure the personal safety of themselves and their family members.


Diamonds and stones

  1. 04th March 2017
  2. J. Davy Crockett III

In southwest Arkansas there is a diamond mine. That's right, a genuine diamond mine. At the turn of the 20th century diamonds were mined commercially at the site, producing high-grade diamonds, mostly colored stones.