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2012, Bible Prophecy and You!

2012, Bible Prophecy and You!

Whether it is tales of global warming gone amok, aliens arriving, or giant meteors destroying vast regions, it seems that movie-makers have long "had it in" for planet Earth and its inhabitants. One extreme example of this is the movie "2012" -- based on the premise that the Mayan calendar and other sources predict the end of civilization as we know it in December 2012. But what does the Bible say about 2012? And what should you and your loved ones be doing to prepare? You need to know!

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Revelation: The Mystery Unveiled!

Many consider Revelation the most difficult-to-understand book in the Bible. Some dismiss its complicated narrative and vivid descriptions as mere allegory. Others assume that it recounts past history. The truth, however, is far more remarkable: if you understand Revelation, you can know the future of our world!

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