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Charles Knowlton (1927-2013)

The Lunch Bucket Theory

In the struggle between labor and management, can both sides come out ahead—together?

The Pursuit of Dreams

Are your dreams just idle fantasies, or are they giving you hope for the very real future God has promised?

The Miracle

On a cold Sunday many years ago, the local sheriff called me at my home. I was a teacher in a small town school and some of my students had been found unattended and deserted in their home. I was well acquainted with three of the boys who were in my class at school and there was also a sister and a baby. The sheriff found a lady, recently widowed, who had applied to run a foster home and she took all of the children to her home that very day. I never expected to see them again because it was in a different part of our county.

Exercise the Spirit!

My wife had a cousin who was a world champion body builder. This cousin worked hard to develop and maintain her physical condition, and her bodily health was her key asset. Just consider the hours spent in exercise for the purpose of show! Is there something more to strive for, with an asset that we can exercise for a more lasting “physique?” The answer is yes!

What Is Your Plan?

Years ago, on a bitter cold night in January, our house caught on fire. Our family of seven slept upstairs in a wooden farmhouse.  As we raced down the stairs, fire was coming up through the steps below. That night, my Dad, Mom and I were able to put out the fire, but not before it had ruined part of our home.