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Douglas S. Winnail

Vatican Plans for Europe

In July of 2003, the Vatican approved the release of Pope John Paul's proposed Decalogue for constructing a new Europe—10 points the Catholic Church has formulated to guide the current efforts to unify Europe. The document carries the theme of "Ecclesia in Europe" [the Church in Europe] and expresses the papal hope that Europeans will build a "Europe of values" and not just a "Europe of merchants."

Why Europe Matters

Remarkable events are taking place in Europe. Yet most people in America, Canada, Australia, Britain and other countries around the world are too busy and focused on too many things to notice. Developments in Europe are going to have a dramatic effect on the world in the future. We need to understand why these are occurring and where they are leading, because even experts in international relations are going to be surprised by events that will occur in the years just ahead.