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Douglas S. Winnail

Twilight of the Gods

Wagner relief

Idolatry is one of mankind’s oldest sins against their Creator. What are the false “gods” that people worship today—and where are they leading our world?

The Miraculous American Revolution

United States flag and documents

Many say, “God Bless America,” but the true blessings may go deeper than many realize. What is God’s prophetic purpose for guiding the rise of the United States?

When the Blind Lead the Blind

Church is blind sign

Why does it seem like today’s religious leaders are powerless to stop the fall of biblical values?

Will We Heed the Warnings?

Bible pages turning in the wind

What signs tell us we are living in the end of the age? Prophecies in the Bible about ancient Israel’s disobedience also apply to nations in our world today.

Can There Be Peace on Earth?

Hands holding Earth at twilight with lights

Many are familiar with the scriptural refrain “Peace on earth, goodwill toward men.” But will true world peace ever be possible?