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Gerald Weston

Is It Good for You?

We live in a world where raunchy movies are routine. So are violence, illicit sex, and rebellion against authority. Is it possible these pictures entering our minds affect our behavior? The Bible tells us there is a cause for every effect.

The Unknown God

In one of his most famous sermons, Paul spoke at the Areopagus and taught the people of Athens about The Unknown God. He described this God as One that the people worshiped without knowing. Who is this God that Paul proclaimed and what relevance does He have in your life?

The Greatest Love of All

It is perhaps the most widely memorized verse in the Bible, yet one that is fully understood by very few. On the surface John 3:16 seems fairly straightforward, but its meaning goes far beyond what most realize. Learn how this verse gives vital insight into the nature of God, His plan for all mankind and much more.

Is God Fair?

Many professing Christians believe they will be rewarded after death, but those who do not accept Christ during their lifetime will go to an ever-burning hell to suffer for all eternity. Is this fair? What of those who never had the opportunity to know God? God is fair and this program will explain how!<

Stone of Destiny

Since 1296, the kings and queens of England have been crowned while sitting on a throne with a stone tucked away under the seat. This “Stone of Destiny” holds an important place in the traditions of Britain. What is the origin of this ancient rock, and what key does it reveal for understanding your future?