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It All Began in the Garden…

Some see the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden as just that—a story without any historical basis—while others understand it as recorded history. How did the early Church of God understand the garden encounter with a talking serpent, recorded in the third chapter of the book of Genesis? And what, if anything, are we to learn from it? The answer to the second question has implications that go far beyond what most imagine, and is also the answer to another one of mankind’s most troubling questions.

We Shouldn’t Be Shocked

Presiding Evangelist: Gerald Weston

People often wonder: Will war ever end? The Bible says it will—do you want to know how?

9/11 Twenty Years Later

World Trade Center memorial lights with cityscape

Two decades ago, people awoke to find that Al Qaeda extremists had destroyed the Twin Towers, leaving America—and much of the world—in tears and anger. A generation later, we find ourselves waking up to a very different world—one with new threats and new sorrows, over which too few are now “sighing and crying.”

A Matter of Faith

Presiding Evangelist: Gerald Weston

How strong is your faith in the face of trials? Would it surprise you to know that the key to strong faith may not be to witness miracles but in diligent, heartfelt obedience to God and His laws?

Say Goodbye to “Mum” and “Dad”

Presiding Evangelist: Gerald Weston

Trends affecting family life—and even the modern definition of family itself—are anything but accidental. What is the true biblical purpose for family, and how can you preserve it?