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The Ride Is Almost Over

Article Image: The Ride Is Almost Over

A dear friend, now deceased, once told me that a few of his northern buddies gave him a hard time about his North Carolinian accent. “I don’t understand,” he said with his country wisdom. “Everyone has to come from some place.”

How right he was. We all come from somewhere, from some culture, and from two parents—none of which we were able to choose.

Unhappily Ever After?

Unhappily Ever After?

 A disturbing new effort is underway to warp the minds of children so that they reject fundamental notions of true and false, right and wrong. Events like “Drag Queen Story Time” are telling a truly disturbing story to kids today, and it won’t have a very happy ending.

Do You Have an Immortal Soul?

What happens when you die? Is there an afterlife? Do you have an immortal soul that wafts off to heaven or descends into an ever-burning hell fire? More fundamentally, WHY do you believe what you do regarding life after death? Where did your ideas come from? Are you sure? Common views about heaven, hell, and purgatory do not come from the Bible, watch to find out what the Bible REALLY says about life after death.

Apollo 11: 50 Years Later

July 16, 1969 was a day for the history books as three men blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Destination...the moon. How is it that we can explore the moon, but cannot understand WHY we are here on Earth?

Then Comes Sudden Destruction

It’s popular to say that if you put a frog in a pan of water and slowly turn up the heat, you can boil him before he knows to jump out of the pan. Not having tried this myself, I cannot confirm the truth of this common claim, but I suspect it is no more than “an old wives’ tale.” Why we blame old wives for every fictitious tale, I do not know. But, laying that aside, let’s get back to the frog.