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Gerald E. Weston

The Stone of Destiny

Editor in Chief: Gerald E. Weston

The Coronation Stone of England, the Stone of Destiny, is a clue to the greatest identity crisis in history—and to where the “Scepter of Judah” can be found today.

What Is Happening to America?

Withered fields

The idea that America could fall is no longer a joke—if indeed it ever was. But what does the Bible truly warn will happen when a nation forgets God completely?

God Reveals His Plan!

Editor in Chief: Gerald E. Weston

The biblical Holy Days reveal a coming time when Jesus Christ will reign over the whole world! Are you preparing for that time now by walking in His footsteps and keeping those days?

A “Hard, Ugly Truth”?

A personal message from the Editor in Chief

So many suffer in this world, and we should care about that. We should obey the command to “love thy neighbor.” But do we really? And is a better world near?

Sliding Toward Sodom

Watch your step sign slipping towards Sodom

Lies have robbed our society of firm footing, and we won’t like where we are headed.