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Marc Arseneault

Looking Beyond Perverse Entertainment

As I watched a news report about yet another male public figure fall to accusations of sexual misconduct, I paused to wonder about where these scandals lead. But more importantly, where do they start?

The Weight of the Bible

What is the difference between most of modern "Christianity" and the teachings of the Bible? The answer may be very surprising, but a short analogy comparing the Bible to a real conundrum concerning weights and measurements may help you understand.

Lord, When WILL All of This End?

Once, while I was waiting to watch the news, I remember several ads that were playing. There was nothing remarkable in this, by itself; ads are part of the daily bombardment of modern society. What got my attention this time, however, was that one ad was about a video game, and the narrator mentioned right from the start: Rated for Teenagers. I then saw image after image of men in body armor shooting other men in body armor, of explosion after explosion.

Endless Blessings

All my life I was taught that Canada was the second biggest landmass in the world. Part of that knowledge also included the fact that the Canadian prairies were grain baskets for Canada, and also the world, but I had never experienced it firsthand. So, several years ago, as we drove to a new home in Manitoba, we decided to go through the north of the United States and then cut through Canada. We started the drive happy and excited with the new adventure. As we drove along the landscape changed and what we saw astonished us as we saw kilometres upon kilometres of grain fields with no end in sight.

Mankind's Never-Ending Hope

Jesus Christ, through whom God the Father created the Earth, will at His return bring peace and prosperity to planet Earth as never before! This is humanity's true hope, of a time when the desert will bloom as the rose (Isaiah 35:2), the animals will be tame (Isaiah 11:8; 65:25), and the entire planet will become as a large and wonderful garden!