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Richard F. Ames

Columbine High School Tragedy - Why?

On April 20, two high school students with pipe-bombs and automatic weapons murdered twelve students and one teacher, and then killed themselves. Schools are supposed to be a safe-haven for education and enlightenment, so the bloody violence shocks us even more. As many facts came to light, one television reporter stated, "We now understand the how and the what, but we don't know the answer to WHY?" Yes, WHY did this tragedy occur? Both Newsweek Magazine and U.S. News & World Report magazine featured the probing three-letter word on their covers, "WHY?"

Kosovo - Beginning of the Prophesied Tribulation?

The world has been witnessing one of the worst humanitarian disasters since World War II. The Balkans crisis has exacted a tragic human toll. According to NATO Spokesman Jamie Shea, over 912,000 ethnic Albanians have been made homeless or driven from the province of Kosovo. They've been subjected to oppression, atrocities, rape and murder. What will be the solution to their problem? What can the world learn from this? Where is this tragedy heading? Is it the beginning of the prophesied Great Tribulation?

State of the Union - Overlooking the Obvious

On January 19, the President of the United States gave his annual State of the Union Address. He proclaimed that the nation is strong and prosperous. Indeed, some in the religious community expressed strong enthusiasm for the speech!

Yet, in all the rhetoric celebrating economic expansion and optimism for the future, there were two glaring omissions in the Address: First, the state of morality in our society; and Second, any major acknowledgment of the Source of our blessings along with our concomitant responsibilities to that Source!

Honor the King - Pray for Jordan's New Leader

The Living Church of God extends its sympathy and condolences to the royal family and to the people of Jordan. We also wish Jordan's new leader, King Abdullah, God's blessings and wisdom and love in his new and challenging duties. We also urge Christians all over the world to pray for the new monarch in fulfilling his responsibilities.

Sin is a Reproach to Any People

Just as there are physical effects for physical causes, there are spiritual effects for spiritual causes. There are unseen spiritual laws just as there are unseen natural laws. They affect human beings just as predictably. The degree to which we have internalized those spiritual laws determines the quality of our character, whether we reflect righteousness or sin in our attitude and behavior. Humans must be in harmony with the spiritual realm, and the spiritual laws of God. There is a cause for every effect.