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Surviving—and Thriving—in Times of Stress

Surviving—and Thriving—in Times of Stress

 Studies consistently show that our world is becoming more stressful. The Bible provides principles that can help us not only cope with stress but grow from it!

Who Changed the Sabbath to Sunday?

What happened to the Fourth Commandment, which states that God’s people should keep the seventh day holy? How did that major change take place? Which day should Christians keep holy? And WHO changed the Sabbath to Sunday?

Are You Ready for the Next Giant Leap

Fifty years ago, men first stepped on the moon. It was a remarkable achievement, but what comes next? What is the next “giant leap” for mankind?

The Real Armageddon

World War II ended in 1945, more than 70 years ago. To many at the time, the devastating conflict between nations appeared as if the end of the world was near. Is Armageddon again knocking at our door? Will we in this generation experience “the end of the world”? What does your Bible reveal about our future and World War III? Will you be prepared for Armageddon?

One Man, One Woman: One Happy Marriage!

One Man, One Woman: One Happy Marriage!

We all want a happy marriage, but is it possible? Yes it is! Put these principles into practice and discover the marriage you have always wanted.