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Scott D. Winnail

The UK Immigration Crisis

Red telephone booth near Big Ben in London

Why are Western nations embroiled in immigration crises? What will be the fates of the immigrant populations? The Bible provides answers.

No Country for Christians

Red telephone booth near Big Ben in London

Has the dramatically changing moral landscape of the twenty-first century put Great Britain on a one-way train toward national disaster and God’s judgment?

The Freedom Trap

Woman at sunset holding up us flag

Are we truly more liberated today?

Does Baptism Matter?

Man baptized in river

Is baptism required for salvation? What is the truth about the practice of water baptism, and is it more than simply a “rite of passage” to become a Christian, regardless of age or understanding?

Finding Peace and Overcoming Fear in Troubled Times

Many people suffer from fear of the unknown. Whether regarding a first day of school, the first day on a new job, a coming marriage, or flying on an airplane for the first time, we all feel fear and anxiety from time to time. Now in the year 2020 there is another fear of the unknown—SARS CoV-2—better known as COVID-19.