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American capitalism has failed. What next?

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World leaders have often been at odds with the USA lately, but as America continues to be the epicenter of a global financial meltdown, the language is becoming increasingly hostile...and prophetically meaningful. It is very interesting from a Biblical perspective that not only the USA, but "the Anglo-Saxon" peoples are being derided for the recent financial catastrophe and its rippling international consequences.

Perhaps most illustrative of the world's growing resentment toward the US and Britain were the recent remarks by Peer Steinbrueck, German Finance Minister. Addressing the German parliament, Steinbrueck placed blame for the global economic hemorrhaging squarely on the "Investment bankers and politicians in New York, Washington and London" whom he states were motivated by an "Anglo-Saxon drive" for excessive gain (Irish Times, September 25, 2008).

For those who understand the modern identity of Israel and the prophesied rise of a united Europe, this is significant language, and a harbinger of things to come.

Steinbrueck bluntly continued, "The world will never be as it was before the crisis…The United States will lose its superpower status in the world financial system." He then stated that, "The financial crisis is above all an American problem. The other G7 financial ministers in continental Europe share this opinion."

Do not let the fact that "continental" European leaders are singling out the USA and the UK as the causes for this economic crisis escape you. And do not think that as this financial crisis impacts other nations, they will hold us blameless. Growing European resentment was well summarized when Der Spiegel reported, "The Americans are now paying the price for their pride" (September 30, 2008).

When Der Spiegel talks about the US "paying the price," an illustrative example is the massive stock market fall on September 29. As the UK's Telegraph reported, "The Dow Jones fell 777.7 to 10,365.4, a 7% drop and its biggest ever one-day points fall" ("Financial crisis: Dow Jones collapses as Paulson bail-out fails" Sept 30, 2008).

Is it coincidence that according to the Hebrew calendar (upon which Biblical time cycles are based), it was 7 years after the 9/11 attacks that the US woke up to a new economic reality? The despicable acts of 9/11 were a dramatic strike at the symbols of our financial power. Then, 7 years and 7 days later, the US woke up to $1.2 trillion having just been wiped off the value of US stocks in a single day. (September 11, 2001 was Elul 23. Seven years and seven days later was Tishri 1, the day after the US Congress initially rejected the economic rescue plan, when and the Dow subsequently fell 777.7 points.)

Leviticus 26:19-21, where God warns that He will "break the pride of our power" if we "walk contrary" to Him, is being fulfilled.

National punishment is prophesied if modern Jacob doesn't earnestly repent and return to the God of the Bible, His Sabbaths and His Commandments. Will we continue to ignore clear prophecies such as Deuteronomy 28 that warn of national "cursing, confusion, and rebuke" (vs. 20), of agricultural and weather calamities (vs. 23-24), of other nations oppressing us (vs. 33), of being dependent on foreign loans (vs. 43-44), and of eventual military defeat (vs. 31-32, 49-52) if we continue to disobey our Creator? The prophecies of Deuteronomy and elsewhere are not old fables, but are God's warnings coming to pass.

Many dismiss these warnings as just ancient writings, or as having already been fulfilled (2 Peter 3:3-4). But, Jesus Christ Himself tells us differently when He warns in Matthew 24 of a coming great tribulation to occur shortly before His return.

World leaders are proclaiming the death of US Capitalism and Anglo-Saxon preeminence. So…what is next? What does the Bible really say about your future? For the answers, please request or read online, Your Ultimate Destiny and watch our recent telecast, Five Keys to Understanding Prophecy.