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June 2021

Cancel the Bible with Windows dialogue box
Cover Story

Surely, in our modern society of religious freedom, no one would dare to ban the Bible—would they?

Bible with glowing Holy Bible title on cover
Feature Story

The Bible stands out among ancient books of the world as the only one to contain accurate, prophetic knowledge of future events. Fulfilled prophecy implies much about your future!

White House with red and blue flowers
Article 1

Are we allowing politics to become an idol?

Royal palace of Myanmar at sunset
Article 2

How will the current unrest in Myanmar affect politics—and life—in Southeast Asia in the years to come?

A Life of Service
London Calling

Prince Philip's legacy will leave a lasting mark on the world. What can you learn from it?

Watch and Warn

Mark 13:37: “And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!

Presiding Evangelist: Gerald Weston

The Bible contains God's promise of a brighter future than mankind's advances alone can ever provide.

Oh Canada!

Bible prophecy reveals that mankind’s history will end in self-destruction—unless God turns things around.

Milky Way over the ocean
The Works of His Hands

God designed the earth and the sea—as well as the human heart and mind. His word can help you develop mental discipline you need to find your way.

Questions and Answers

How should we keep God’s Sabbath?