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January-February 2020

Seven Signs of the Second Coming of Christ
Cover Story

Jesus Christ will return! And while many claim that we cannot know when He will arrive, the Bible gives us clear signs that will tell us the time is near.

Is Cannabis a Cure-All or a Scam?
Feature Story

The world is in love with cannabis, claiming that the plant and its popular oils can cure virtually anything that ails you. But, do the facts back up the claims?

The Miracle at Midway
Article 1

World War II saw one of the greatest naval victories in history. When historians and Hollywood filmmakers tell the tale of Midway, what important truth do they ignore?

The Sins of Prejudice, Partiality, and Partisanship
Article 2

The Bible shows the difference between unjustified judgment and true discernment.

How to Fight Loneliness—Five Ways to Overcome
Tomorrow’s Youth

Do you sometimes feel that you have no one to talk to? Do you ever find yourself wearing a smile to mask inward pain—craving to talk, but finding no one there to listen? If so, you are not alone. In an age abounding with technological connections...

God Save the Queen?
London Calling

“God save the Queen” is an instantly recognisable phrase of patriotic sentiment in the British Commonwealth. It expresses hope for the monarch’s long reign and respect for her preeminent place in national life; indeed, it is found on all formal...

Watch and Warn

Macron Makes Waves in Europe

What Does “Thy Kingdom Come” Mean?

“The Lord’s Prayer” is familiar to many, but how many who repeat it understand what they are actually praying? The prayer may be found in two different New Testament passages. Both accounts need to be compared if we seek a proper understanding of...

Common Law vs. Napoleonic Code
Oh Canada!

In the year 1666, the Great Fire of London destroyed more than 13,000 properties covering an area of 436 acres. The narrow pathways and streets that snaked through the city made it easy for the fire to spread quickly among buildings that were...

The Works of His Hands

It was declared in headlines around the globe, but what does it even mean? And what impact could this achievement have in our lives today, and in the years to come?