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January-February 2024

Desert tank Israeli war
Cover Story

What is the source of the nation of Israel’s resilience? Modern Israelis swear never to allow another Masada or Holocaust—but what does Bible prophecy say about Israel’s future?

Israel map
Feature Story

When will a day of reckoning come for terrorists and insurgents like those who committed the atrocities of October 7? Who can bring true justice and peace to the Middle East?

Arab fighter black and green
Feature Story

Only God’s word can explain the true root of the conflicts that continually surround the modern nation of Israel. And understanding the identity of the ancient peoples around the Holy Land is the key.

Golden apple golden rule wisdom

One of the most profound rules of morality and spiritual success came straight from the teachings of Jesus Christ. Have you made it your mission statement?

Happy father, mother and daughter

Do you struggle to control how much you use your phone? You can help your family master this powerful technology!

News text with magnifying glass

Matthew 13:37 | “And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!

A personal message from the Editor in Chief

What is the true path toward living a giving way of life? And what are the benefits of doing so?

Canadian soldiers marching
Oh Canada!

How far from biblical truth and morality will Canada and the rest of Western society fall before confusion gives way to catastrophe?

Honey fungus on a tree
The Works of His Hands

Much of the grandeur of our Creator’s design is hidden from our view—including the largest single organism on the planet.

Holy Bible image with Q & A speech bubble
Questions and Answers

God commanded the seventh day Sabbath as a statute to be kept for all time, but how should it be kept so as to fully please God?