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May-June 2024

D-Day invasion from transport photo
Cover Story

Eighty years ago, the Allies carried out the largest amphibious assault in human history. Could they do it today? Would they ever need to? There are answers in prophecy for those willing to truly look.

Tank on the move
Feature Story

Decades after the famous novel, the Middle East is living a real conflict involving an aggressor as uncompromising as H.G. Wells’ otherworldly invaders.

Clouds with lightning
Feature Story

For twenty-five years, this magazine has predicted the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, especially regarding the end-time “House of Israel”—modern descendants of God’s ancient nation. How can you know that our words are true?

People covering their faces with hands

Social problems are simple cause and effect: If you don’t live by what the Bible says is right and wrong, you’ll never eliminate the root cause of your troubles.

Sun light through clouds

Miraculous events of past millennia reveal an amazing truth for today. Learn the true meaning of Pentecost and why the Church of God celebrates it.

Happy father, mother and daughter
Article 1

Learning from our mistakes is painful—and not necessarily the way God wanted humanity to grow. Is there a way to build an ideal world that God had planned from the very beginning?

News text with magnifying glass
Article 1

Mark 13:37 | “And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!

Red telephone booth near Big Ben in London
London Calling

Why are Western nations embroiled in immigration crises? What will be the fates of the immigrant populations? The Bible provides answers.

Editor in Chief: Gerald E. Weston

Tomorrow’s World is a magazine of prophetic understanding, helping to shine the light of Bible prophecy on the often-disturbing events and developments that are shaping society and our entire world. Will you heed the watchman’s warning...

Canadian soldiers marching
Oh Canada!

What do the standards we use tell us about our society and our character? There is a moral standard that shows us the way to better relationships with our fellow man—and with God Himself!