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October 2022

Alarm tower at sunrise
Oh Canada!

Bible prophecy gives us an “early-warning system” against end-time events and the Armageddon to come. Are you willing to heed the alert?

September 2022

Watch your step sign slipping towards Sodom
Cover Story

Lies have robbed our society of firm footing, and we won’t like where we are headed.

Bible and bread on a wooden board biblical diet
Feature Story

Many people claim that Jesus Christ “did away” with Old Testament food laws and other “restrictions,” but your entire Bible actually contains practical wisdom for how to live a healthier lifestyle and avoid disease and frustration. Learn the...

Putin walking in front of parade soldiers

Russia is misunderstood by many. There are forces as work within one of the largest countries in the world that will shape end-time events and the rise of the Beast of Revelation. What might lie ahead for Russia in Bible Prophecy?

US Supreme Court building reddish lighting
Article 1

Did the June 2022 SCOTUS decision on abortion settle the abortion controversy once and for all? Or did the end of Roe v. Wade simply mark the beginning of an even more contentious debate on an issue that won’t truly be solved until Jesus Christ’s...

Fist smashing cigarettes
Article 2

Smoking has proven to be beatable—and freedom from it is priceless.

Golden sunset with open bible
Article 3

It’s the eternal payoff that you really should bet your life on.

Girl holding her head in front of a laptop
Tomorrow’s Youth

In an online society increasingly drifting away from biblical values, bullying takes on an even more sinister edge. How can you teach your children to resist the no-holds-barred jungle of the cyber world?

Watch and Warn

Mark 13:37 | “And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!

A personal message from the Editor in Chief

So many suffer in this world, and we should care about that. We should obey the command to “love thy neighbor.” But do we really? And is a better world near?