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April-May 2023

Sleepwalking into WWIII newspapers cover
Cover Story

Have we ignored the signs of imminent global war—again? Would you even recognize the warning signs? What do history, the Bible, and end-time prophecies reveal?

Westminster Abbey for coronation
Feature Story

Soon, the United Kingdom will formally crown King Charles III. Coronation is an ancient rite with biblical roots—but how many understand the true significance of the English throne?

A.I. generated cat
Feature Story

With its ability to manipulate reality, will A.I. become mankind’s greatest tool for deception? What are the real dangers of A.I. and how can you recognize them?

Church is blind sign
Feature Story

Why does it seem like today’s religious leaders are powerless to stop the fall of biblical values?

Don’t Fall for Perfectionism
Tomorrow’s Youth

No one is perfect except Christ—yet we seek to be like Him. So, should we be perfectionists?

A personal message from the Editor in Chief

It’s easy to see others’ mistakes and think, “If only I’d been there instead….” But what would you have really done if you had met, seen, or known Jesus Christ in ancient times?

Prophecy Comes Alive

Mark 13:37 | “And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!

The Attack on Parental Rights
Oh Canada!

Parents can see that institutions promoting gender-bending agendas are hijacking children’s minds and safety. What hope remains for your kids and their future?

What Is the Stone of Destiny?
Questions and Answers

The Stone of Scone, housed in Scotland but having a long history in the coronation of Irish, Scottish, and English kings, may also have ties to an even more ancient monarchy.

Letters to TW
Letter to the Editor

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