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July-August 2020

Crashing wave over a man running into the sunset
Cover Story

How the perfect storm arrived in 2020 and why we’re not ready for the one biblical prophecy says is yet to come!

Open bible on a table white background
Feature Story

Your Bible shows plainly that Jesus Christ and the early church observed the seventh-day Sabbath. So did His first followers. Yet today, the vast majority of those calling themselves “Christian” worship on Sundays and do nothing to keep the...

boy in flannel shirt drawing on a chalk board
Article 1

The Western nations are drowning in a rising tide of social pathologies—violent crime, increasing incivility, political corruption, unsustainable debt, widespread drug abuse, depression, and suicide. People are feeling a loss of purpose and of...

Sunrise over a field
Article 2

In a world where humility is on the decline, we need it more than ever.

Dog with head turned sideways white background
Article 3

Sometimes, we need to listen to our four-legged friends.

Family photo
Tomorrow’s Youth

Many parents look for good, practical guidance that can help us steer our children through their formative years. In particular, how should we help our children lay the groundwork for godly relationships and a successful, happy marriage?

Big Ben
London Calling

God’s hand in history is evident—if you know where to look! At a time when “progressive” thinkers seem determined to erase history, it is more important than ever to understand the events that helped build Western civilization.

Stacked newspapers
Watch and Warn

Mark 13:37: “And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!

Gerald Weston

Will COVID-19 be enough to scare people back to reality, or will our world change beyond recognition?

Oh Canada!

This magazine has subscribers in remote parts of the world, including some in regions north of the Arctic circle. In this issue, we’d like to shine a light on the life of one of our subscribers living in such a region.