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Is It Time for Us to Read the Owner’s Manual?

Richard Franz
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When we buy something new like a cell phone, lawn mower or car there is always an owner’s manual that comes with the purchase. Not everyone makes the effort to actually read this manual. After all, it takes precious time away from us that could be spent experimenting and playing with our newly purchased gadget.

We have our reasons why we decide not to read the owner’s manual. We may already think we know all we need to know about our purchase. Sometimes the manual for our new purchase has instructions that are hard to follow, poorly written, or even written in another language. Whatever reason people have for not reading the owner’s manual, one reason never given is that the manufacturer does not want us to have fun with the product. That would be downright silly and outright counterproductive for the manufacturer to write a manual so we could not and would not enjoy their product.

There are, however, some compelling reasons that may convince us to plow through the directions. We may have had a past mishap or malfunction that could have easily been avoided if we read the directions. Perhaps we read the manual because the item we have purchased is so expensive or so technical that we just do not want to take any chances. We may read the owner’s manual because we are wise enough to know that taking the time to read the directions will save time, money, and heartache.

Most owners’ manuals provide contact information and troubleshooting tips needed should we encounter problems. It provides invaluable information needed for personal safety and product longevity. Whether we read the instructions or not, the owner’s manual is written for our benefit, so we can get the most out of the product we purchased; the most use, the most enjoyment, the most benefit, and the most for our money.

What about life, real life, this life? How many times have we faced a situation wishing we had at our disposal written directions with explicit instructions and filled with experienced knowledgeable guidance? More than that, a manual will include a customer service help hot line, with a real person on the other end to direct us through difficult circumstances.

The truth is that we were not supposed to live life by simply plodding along without direction or purpose. No, our Creator, the great God of all heaven and earth left us an owner’s manual, His inspired word, the Holy Bible. The Bible teaches us our purpose for life and living. It contains financial, marital, health, and business advice that is foolproof. Best of all, the instruction given in scripture is absolutely guaranteed. There is even a 24-hour hotline (prayer) should we need immediate help.

We should not be like some folks who think the Bible is full of rules that take the fun out of life. Rather it contains God’s desire is for all of us to enjoy a purposeful long life, one in which we thrive. Think about it: what owner’s manual has ever been written to prevent the consumer from enjoying to the fullest their latest purchase?

If you are tired of experimenting and playing to find out how life is supposed to work, it may be time for you to read and study the owner’s manual. If you reached the point that you are ready to learn how life is supposed to function for your benefit then begin with the Holy Bible. There is a free 24-lesson Bible Study Course available. This course will guide you through God’s word using a very practical and understandable format. Enroll today, either online or in print, for the free, highly instructive Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course. This course will cost you nothing, but the rewards for your study time and effort are life changing and everlasting.

  Originally Published: 28th April 2015