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Political instability at Europe's core

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France has been experiencing civil unrest that threatens the future of its political leaders. Germany recently faced labor strikes involving over 30,000 workers. Italy has just concluded a very rocky and divisive national election.

Leadership in Europe is being questioned and the forward movement of the European Union is currently on hold, according to Stratfor: Global Intelligence Brief, April 7, 2006.

In a recent interview with a Harvard economist, German news source Der Spiegel reported that if Germany can get its current political troubles solved, it could mount an "economic miracle" that would allow Europe to greatly surpass the United States economy for 20 years (April 17, 2006). It appears that the political and economic situation in Europe is beginning to ripen, as opportunity builds for a strong leader under the wing of the ever increasing presence of the Catholic Church.

In a recent newspaper interview, Romano Prodi, newly elected president of Italy, laid out his plan to accelerate measures to bind the continental European Union (EU) members more tightly together. Mr. Prodi particularly referenced the need to bring together the "group of six" which includes Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg. He pointedly made reference to the exclusion of the Netherlands and when pressed, also mentioned the exclusion of Britain.

Mr. Prodi also discussed the necessity for reintroducing a ballot to move the EU constitution forward once again (The Sunday Times, April 16, 2006). Romano Prodi appears to feel it is his obligation to lead the charge to draw the EU together.

Bible prophecy identifies a final revival of the Roman Empire to occur at the end of the age. This revival will ultimately involve ten nations in the area of Europe, referred to in Daniel 2:32-33 as ten toes of iron and clay, or in the book of Revelation as ten crowns on ten horns (Revelation 17:10-13). Great Britain and other Israelite-descended nations will be excluded from this final revival of the Roman Empire and will ultimately be persecuted by it (See our free booklet, The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy).

It will be interesting to continue watching the events in Europe and view how this conglomeration of different languages and cultures will, according to Bible prophecy, eventually come together for a short time, despite their adversarial pasts and current multitude of differences.

What will finally bring the iron and clay of Europe together into a formidable and unified force and who will be the person at its head? To know the complete answers to these questions, we must do as Jesus Christ commanded his disciples and WATCH (Matthew 25:13)!

For more information on these biblical end-time events to affect Europe and the rest of the world, request our free booklet The Beast of Revelation. Now, more then ever before, you need to stay informed on these pending, world-shaking events prophesied in your Bible.