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A key to America’s survival.

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George Friedman, geopolitical author and founder of STRATFOR has released his most recent book: The Next Decade. In the “Author’s Notes,” Mr. Friedman makes the following observation, contrasting America as a Republic and an Empire: “I have spent a great deal of time thinking about the relationship between empire and republic, and the only conclusion I have reached is that if the republic is to survive, the single institution that can save it is the presidency.

“That is an odd thing to say, given that the presidency is in many ways the most imperial of our institutions (it is the single institution embodied by a single person). Yet at the same time it is the most democratic, as the presidency is the only office for which the people, as a whole, select a single, powerful leader” (Stratfor.com).

It is interesting that the one thing that Mr. Friedman admits could actually “save” the American “empire” is a powerful leadership office that has been created to have limited power by the American democratic system. He is calling for a “strong leader” who can essentially lead America back on the more righteous track it started down when it was a God-fearing nation. In Mr. Friedman’s mind, the hierarchical position of a strong visible leader is a key to American recovery.

This is what Bible prophecies have long foretold about the soon-coming government of God. Jesus Christ will return as “king of kings” and rule over the earth. King David will guide the twelve apostles, who will be over the twelve tribes of Israel (Ezekiel 37:24, Matthew 19:28). The form of government that God revealed to Moses and the children of Israel (Exodus 18:18-24, Deuteronomy 1:13-17) will be established over the entire earth when Christ returns.