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Arab world erupts!

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The popular uprising in Tunisia—sparked by the flaming suicide of an educated but frustrated young man—that brought down a corrupt and oppressive autocratic regime “may have repercussions far beyond the tiny North African state” (stratfor.com, January 14, 2011). Within days, similar protests and riots broke out in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and Mauritania (euobserver.com, January 17, 2011).

The simmering resentment across the Arab world is the result of years of oppressive government aggravated by the global financial crisis, economic recession, lack of opportunities and now rising food prices.  Egypt, with the largest population in the Arab world (80 million), an aging president and an uncertain political succession is, “the most vulnerable in all of North Africa and the Middle East.”  Many Arab countries are now looking to Turkey with its Islamist-rooted government as the model of the future. 

The prophet Daniel predicted that, “At the time of the end” (the end of the age) a “king of the South” (south of Jerusalem) would arise and attack a “king of the North” (Daniel 11:40-43).  The countries mentioned in the prophecies that are linked with the king of the South—Egypt, Lybia, Ethiopia—are part of the Arab world.  The uprising in Tunisia that is echoing through the region indicates that a “major shift” is underway that coincides with ancient Bible prophecies!