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Britain and Ireland together.

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Queen Elizabeth II recently made the first visit to Ireland by a reigning British monarch in 100 years.  Also, and in a highly unusual move, the Queen was accompanied by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron.  According to one source, “The British Prime Minister David Cameron is ‘seeking to capitalize’ on rising anti-European sentiment within Ireland to form a ‘grand alliance’ with the government of Enda Kenny [Ireland’s new Prime Minister] to counter the current dominance of Germany and France.”  Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister Tanaiste noted that, “there was a strong commitment now to work much closer with Britain on the European agenda.”

Britain has come out in support of Ireland (against EU actions) involving EU corporate taxes and a reduction in the interest rate on Ireland’s debt to the EU.  A recent poll indicated that the majority of the Irish believe it is more important for Ireland to have a good relationship with the United Kingdom than with Europe (Sunday Independent, May 22, 2011).

Bible prophecy indicates that Israelite-descended nations will eventually go into captivity because of their sins and are unlikely to align with the European Beast power (Ezekiel 7:1, 23-27; Hosea 5:5, 13-15; 8:7-9).  Although Ireland is currently a “euro zone” member, the recent change in the British-Irish relationship suggests that these “brothers” may stick together after all.