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Britain’s broken power.

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A London newspaper recently reported, “Brussels has broken our power to rule.” Author Christopher Booker points out how Britain’s chancellor has granted the EU rights to “supervise” national budgets—a function controlled by the British Parliament for centuries. In addition, a new financial transaction tax being proposed by the EU would hit London especially hard as a world financial center (Telegraph, September 11, 2010).  Mr. Booker also states that the EU’s new Worldwide Diplomatic Service will spend more than 800 million pounds (about one trillion dollars) to set up its new operations with high salaries for top executives.

The rising cost of membership in the EU worries many Europeans.  EU polls show only19% of Europeans see the EU as a democratic system—the number was as low as 10% in Britain, Finland, and Latvia.

God promised that the descendants of Ephraim (modern Britain) would become a multitude of nations (Genesis 48:19).  In the last few centuries those prophecies have been fulfilled. However, God also promised the Israelite-descended nations that if they turned away from Him, He “will break the pride of your power” (Leviticus 26:19). It is sobering to see these very words making headlines in the modern Israelite nation of Britain today!