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British-French defense agreement.

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Last week, Britain and France reached an historic defense pact.  “‘Today we open a new chapter in a long history of cooperation on defense and security between Britain and France,’ Mr. Cameron said.  Mr. Sarkozy said the agreements showed ‘a level of trust and confidence between our two nations which is unequalled in history.’”

The new pact will allow the two nations to share an aircraft carrier, maintain a rapid-reaction force of some 5,000 troops from each nation, to be commanded by a rotating position between the two nations, as well as to operate joint nuclear facilities in each nation to further analyze the use of the stockpile of nuclear arms housed in each nation. The stated aim of the joint defense initiative is to save money (Telegraph, November 2, 2010; New York Times online, November 2, 2010).

Bible prophecy and an understanding of the true identity of the Israelite-descended nations make it clear that Britain and France are actually brothers.  These current military actions bear watching in light of the prophesied future of the Israelite-descended nations during the great tribulation.  Will greater cooperation between these two nations occur, or will France be pulled further into the core of Europe, as author Christopher Booker suggests (Telegraph, October 23, 2010)?

The future promises to be very interesting.