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Brussels undermines democracy in Britain.

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Britain just held a national referendum on revising the voting system for the House of Commons.  But was this a pointless exercise?

In this landmark referendum, voters overwhelming voted to keep the existing system.  Proponents of the plan to change the voting system advocated for “a better form of democracy.”  But according to noted columnist, Christopher Booker, “In no way did it address the real crisis of our politics, which is that any real semblance of democracy in how we are governed has all but drained away.”  Booker continued with his sad commentary on the state of the nation in Britain, “For 40 years we have witnessed a mighty slow-motion coup d’état, whereby most of the laws which shape our lives are no longer made by elected politicians at all.  The power has been handed over to a strange and barely comprehensible form of lawmaking, centred in Brussels but with tentacles stretching into every corner of our own bureaucracy” (Telegraph, May 7, 2011).

For several centuries Britain has ridden the “high places of the earth,” because God has kept promises He made to Abraham long ago (Genesis 22:17-18; Isaiah 58:14, KJV).  However, due to her national sins, God is allowing Britain’s once-great power to be usurped by and distributed among nations and peoples who were once her enemies—just as Bible prophecies have long foretold (Deuteronomy 28:25, 32-33, 36, 45-48).