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China’s growing influence.

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In April, China posted an $11.4 billion trade surplus—up significantly from the previous three months, and far above the predicted $1 billion surplus.  Imports and exports also rose significantly in April, over one year ago (Wall Street Journal, May 11, 2011).  China also maintains over $3 trillion in foreign exchange reserves.  Although China is wrestling with inflation, their workers’ salaries are rising, giving greater ability to purchase Chinese-made goods within China, and further fueling its economy.

Experts suggest that Chinese inflation and rising labor costs within China will increase the prices of Chinese exports—primarily to the U.S.  This, coupled with the falling dollar, will almost certainly result in increasing prices for American consumers who have greatly benefited from the artificially low prices of Chinese products for the last several decades (Wall Street Journal, May 9, 2011).  As China’s influence on the world stage continues to increase, the basis for prosperity in many Israelite-descended nations (primarily the U.S. and Britain) continues to erode.

God warned long ago that the “borrower” would become a servant of the lender (Proverbs 22:7).  As time continues, prophecies about the detrimental impact of foreign nations on the Israelite-descended peoples will continue to come to pass (Deuteronomy 28:25, 33, 43-44).