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Coptic church bombed in Egypt.

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At midnight on New Year’s Eve, a bomb blast outside the Coptic Church of the Two Saints in Alexandria, Egypt killed 21 people and injured 80. Some suggest a car bomb, while Egyptian officials believe it was a suicide attack perpetrated by Al Qaeda forces from outside the country.

Egypt is currently looking for a successor for the current president Hosni Mubarak (age 82), and factions within the government are seeking to identify a stable leader. Some analysts suggest the bomb blast was designed to put pressure on the process of choosing a successor.

Egypt is a predominantly Muslim nation and quite intolerant of Christians (Stratfor, January 1, 2011). Bible prophecy warns that, at the end of the age, a king of the South (a Muslim block) will push against a king of the North (a European power). Eventually the king of the North will come against the territories of the king of the South, and Egypt will not escape his wrath (Daniel 11:40-42).

With Muslims showing increasing hostility towards Christians and some European nations taking a “harder line” against the growing Muslim presence in their own nations, the stage is being set for the fulfillment of these prophecies. The latest bombing in Egypt is another indicator that prophecy is marching on!