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Could Tunisian refugees destroy the EU?

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“Italy has promised to give over 20,000 Tunisian refugees temporary visas allowing them to travel freely in the border-free Schengen zone, which covers all EU countries except Britain and Ireland.” In response this week, “Germany warned Italy that it will not accept the migrants and that Berlin will tear up the EU’s border-free travel arrangements to stop them.” Such an action would reverse the free-travel agreement that has been in place throughout the EU since 1995.

“France has warned it will also reinstate checks and that it will send the migrants back to Italy. Maria Fekter, Austria’s interior minister, said: ‘Letting these people in would only pave the way for crime, and as minister in charge of security I cannot accept that.’” Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi “has described the influx as a ‘human tsunami’ that could lead to the break-up of the EU unless countries, such as Germany, accept quotas of refugees” (Telegraph, April 11, 2011).  Berlusconi has now questioned whether EU membership is still “worth it” for Italy (EU Observer, April 11, 2011). The financial crisis and now this massive wave of Tunisian immigrants underlines the fragile nature of the current European Union.

Daniel prophesied that even the relationship between the final 10 members of the Beast would maintain a “partly strong, partly weak” iron-and-clay association (Daniel 2:41-43). Most experts now expect the current configuration of the EU to change and external stressors make this more likely to happen. The question is, will the next configuration of this German-led group be the final one discussed by both Daniel and Revelation?