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EU influence grows in the Middle East.

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EU officials working in Palestine recently “proposed that EU officials should be present at the site of imminent house demolitions or evictions and intervene if non-violent Palestinians face arrest in East Jerusalem, according to a new confidential report.” “The Consuls-General—who are the ambassador-level representatives to the Palestinian Authority—suggested that in addition to being present when houses are demolished, they should attend court hearings dealing with demolitions or evictions and ‘ensure EU intervention when Palestinians are arrested or intimidated by Israeli authorities for peaceful cultural, social or political activities in East Jerusalem’” (The Independent, January 10, 2011). While this proposal appears to be in the interest of human rights, it is a direct challenge to Israeli sovereignty.

Bible prophecies offer an additional perspective.  Numerous prophecies refer to a three-and-one-half-year period (just before Jesus Christ returns to this earth) called “the times of the Gentiles” when foreign (non-Israelite) nations will gain control of Jerusalem (Luke 21:24; Revelation 11:2). During this period, a European “beast” power (also referred to as the king of the North) and an influential religious figure will play significant roles on the world stage and in the affairs of Jerusalem (Revelation 13; Daniel 9:22-27; 11:40-41). 

The growing influence of the EU in the Holy Land could lay the groundwork towards the fulfillment of these ancient prophecies.  For more information on this sobering topic see our booklet, The Middle East in Prophecy.