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Fasting reduces risk of heart disease.

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In a study of more than 4,500 Mormons in Utah, researchers examined behaviors that were associated with lower risk of coronary artery disease—heart disease.  After accounting for other factors (smoking, alcohol use, coffee, and tea ingestion), researchers discovered that those who fasted routinely (without food or drink) were at lower risk for heart disease than those who did not fast.  Fasting was also associated with lower diabetes risk (The American Journal of Cardiology, October 1, 2008).

In the Old Testament, God directs His people to “afflict their soul” or fast as a tool for building humility and drawing closer to Him (see Leviticus 23:27; Esther 4:16; Psalm 35:13; 109:24; Isaiah 58:3-6).  We see this behavior continued in the New Testament (Acts 27:9).  

Although many claim that God’s commands in the Old Testament were “nailed to the cross,” honest students of the Scriptures realize that God’s principles are consistent throughout the entire Bible (2 Timothy 3:16).  Fasting is a tool that God intended to be used for spiritual purposes.  However, there are also health benefits built into the practice of fasting—that modern research verifies!  God said that those who keep His commandments and statutes would not be afflicted with diseases common among the Egyptians (Exodus 15:26).  The historical record indicates that heart disease and diabetes were common diseases, especially among aristocratic Egyptians.  

While fasting is not the “magic bullet” for health, God has built in physical health benefits for those who routinely use this spiritual tool!