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Federal Europe by stealth.

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A recent London Times headline read, “Softly, softly a federal Europe draws nearer.” The Times article continued, “While British and US politics have dominated the headlines this year, the truly historic events have occurred in Europe… The EU has taken its most decisive step towards becoming a genuine unitary State, by shifting key policies on taxes and public spending from national to federal level. That one of the most controversial decisions in modern European history has been taken with almost no public awareness or debate is a tribute to the top-down style of government perfected by the EU’s political elites. The EU version of elitist representative democracy, despite its apparent drawbacks, may go down in history as a more successful mechanism for managing the complex compromises demanded in a world of huge geopolitical change than the… US and British models.”

The article concluded with the sobering observation, “European integration has always advanced through crises—and a great leap forward towards fiscal and political federalism has become irreversible after this year’s eurozone crisis. That was precisely what the euro’s creators intended” (Times, November 3, 2010).

Bible prophecy reveals that the sudden appearance of a unified Beast power in Europe, consisting of ten kings (leaders) who give their power to this central government will surprise the world (Revelation 13:3; 17:12-13). We are watching truly historic events developing in Europe! For more about this topic, request our booklet Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ’s Return at www.tomorrowsworld.org.