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Germany-Israel security agreement.

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Anticipating that the Muslim Brotherhood (who would revoke Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel) might gain power in Egypt, the Israeli government recently signed a security agreement with Germany.  The agreement will expand cooperation in combating crime, terrorism and violent extremism.

Meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, Chancellor Merkel stated, “We know that we are in a very stormy and unstable period, and we would like to advance stability, peace and security.” Germany’s President, Christian Wulff has also warned that Germany has a “responsibility towards the existence of Israel” and to “fight against anti-Semitism” (israelinationalnews.com, February 1, 2011, November 28, 2010). 

Bible prophecies indicate that Germany (Assyria) will play a pivotal role in a final revival of the Roman Empire in Europe (Daniel 2 and 7) and that, as the “king of the North,” will invade the Middle East in response to a provocation by the “king of the South” (Daniel 11:40-43). 

These security agreements could pave the way for Germany’s future involvement in this region and foreshadow even more significant agreements (Daniel 9:26-27).