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Revolts feed Arab identity.

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Reports from the Middle East note, “There is something happening in the Arab world.  A collective voice is being heard again… rarely has there been a moment when the Middle East felt so interconnected, governments so unpopular and Arabs so overwhelmingly agree on their demand for change… The Middle East is being drawn together by economic woes and a shared resentment that people have been denied dignity and respect… For the first time in a generation…a somewhat nostalgic notion of a common Arab identity… is driving protests that have bound the region in a sense of shared destiny” (Charlotte Observer, January 30, 2011).

If Islamists, such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, are able to exploit the uprisings to gain power, nations such as Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia could re-align away from the West.

While analysts speculate, Bible prophecies state that“at the time of the end” a “king of the South” (leading an Arab-Muslim confederation—Psalm 83:6-8) will attempt to counter Western (American and European) influence in the region and this will engender hostilities (Daniel 11:40-43).  The frustrations sweeping the “leaderless” Arab world may soon be focused by a “strong figure” who will lead the region to its long-prophesied destiny!