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Riots in France and Italy.

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According to the French Finance Minister, worker strikes associated with last week’s riots over the increase in retirement age are costing France more than $500 million per day (Associated Press, October 25, 2010). Following the French riots, Italian citizens rioted in the Naples region to protest a proposed garbage dump. During the Italian riot, 20 police officers were assaulted, eight police cars damaged, and five garbage trucks and a police car were burned. Calls for Prime Minister Berlusconi’s resignation also rang out (Yahoo News, October 21, 2010).

The Italian riots and the government-stopping riots in France are generating concern in Europe.  As members of the EU, Italy and France are committed to maintain order in their respective countries. Questions are being asked as to how these riots will be viewed by the EU. Could the internal instability within France alert Berlin that France is no longer able to lead “along with” Germany (Stratfor, October 21, 2010)?

Will spreading riots foster a public demand for “strong” and “stable” leadership in Europe? Could the citizens of individual European nations become so disenchanted with their own leaders that they would be willing to follow one central figure who promises stronger leadership? Bible prophecy indicates that “ten kings” will give their power over to one central figure near the end of the age (see Revelation 17:12-14). The events we are witnessing in Europe today could be pointing toward this eventuality.