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Russia Strategically Challenges the United States

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Russia is now extending its military far beyond its eastern borders—and it seeks to dictate the U.S.’s response. On September 30, a Russian general delivered a message to the U.S. Embassy in Bagdad: “The Russia military would begin air strikes in neighboring Syria within the hour—and the American military should clear the area immediately” (Military Times, October 5, 2015). “Nobody should wonder that America’s pre-eminence is being contested. After the Soviet collapse the absolute global supremacy of the United States sometimes began to seem normal… There is nevertheless reason to worry. The reassertion of Russian power spells trouble” (The Economist, October 17, 2015). In Syria, “Moscow has not only claimed early successes, but demonstrated that efforts to modernize its military are yielding real benefits and restoring lost capabilities” (Defense News, October 18, 2015).

God warns Israelite nations that He will break their power because of the moral corruption of their nations and leadership (Leviticus 26:19; Isaiah 1:4-6). A time of trouble will come on the Israelite nations when foreign nations will dominate world affairs (Jeremiah 30:7; Luke 21:24). Historically, whenever a king of Israel or Judah turned from God, God raised up adversaries to punish the king and his nation (1 Kings 11:14, 23). Today, U.S. leadership is arrogantly breaking God’s laws—and other nations are rising to challenge America! For more information, read “The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.”