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Russia territory expansion continues.

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Russia continues to expand its territory and influence into satellite states of the former Soviet Union. It now maintains four separate air bases within Tajikistan and is planning for a fifth. Negotiations are underway between the Russian and Tajik governments to allow Russia “an open military contract with Tajikistan giving the Russian military the ability to move as if it were a domestic force—much like the relationship between Russia and Armenia.”

In exchange, the Tajik government wants Russian protection for a new hydroelectric plant opposed by neighboring nations, which Tajikistan cannot protect by itself. This plant could cause a “water war” and ignite conflict with neighboring Uzbekistan (Stratfor, November 1, 2010).

Bible prophecy predicts a major military offensive that will be launched towards the Holy Land from lands “north and east” of Jerusalem, immediately prior to Christ’s return (Daniel 11:44-45). This offensive will consist of the largest military force in human history—200 million men (Revelation 9:13-18).

As for the nations that will make up this massive force, we should consider not only the most populous nations “north and east” of Jerusalem (China and India), but also those with the military capacity to pull off such an attack. Russia’s expanding military potential may contribute to the fulfillment of this sobering prophecy.