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Syria and Hizballah reach aerial supremacy over Israel.

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Thanks to the introduction of missile guidance systems from Iran, Hizballah’s 1,500 missiles can now hit specific targets in Israel.  Israeli defense experts state, “The enemy has achieved aerial supremacy without even having aircraft… Iran’s fully-guided Fateh-110 rocket would enable Hizballah and Syria to strike critical Israeli facilities with dozens… of rockets… Hizballah has [also] dismantled its missile bases and scattered the warheads widely apart in underground bunkers and natural caverns, from which they can be launched.”

Experts project that a future missile confrontation between Hizballah and Israel will result in an attack on densely populated Tel-Aviv (Debka.com, November 22, 2010). How might Israel respond if faced with a major missile attack from Syria? Will Israel resort to its nuclear arsenal?  Would a devastating missile attack fulfill the prophecy about Judah’s “wound” (Hosea 5:13)?  The Bible refers to Judah as a “lion” (Genesis 49:8-9), and a cornered lion can react suddenly and violently.  What will Israel do if “backed into a corner” militarily?

Bible prophecies indicate there is trouble ahead in the Middle East.  Jesus said that just before His return, Jerusalem will be “surrounded by armies” (Luke 21:20), and the prophet Zechariah states “half of the city shall go into captivity” (Zechariah 14:1-2)—because God’s people have “rebelled against My judgments… and they have not walked in My statutes” (Ezekiel 5:5-6).

Time may be running out for Israel and Jerusalem.