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Syria: The latest Middle East uprising.

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Syria is now the latest nation experiencing a bloody interchange between a ruling family—the Assads, in power for 40 years—and citizens desirous of democracy. The Assad government has attempted to put down the rebellion through the use of force—an action which appears to be solidifying the people’s resolve.

The regime in Syria has banned foreign journalists. In response, EU nations—led by Germany—have issued several powerful statements condemning the government-backed violence against their own people. EU nations as well as the UN Security Council are considering sanctions against Syria (Associated Press, April 22, 2011). In an attempt to violently end protests and hang on to his power, President al-Assad appears to be dividing his own government (Wall Street Journal, April 27, 2011).

The current unrest throughout the region is creating a power-vacuum that will need to be filled one way or another. God prophesied through the prophet Amos that He would bring His wrath against many different Middle Eastern nations, including Syria (Amos 1:3-15; 2:1-16). God is bringing to pass His plan throughout the Middle East and elsewhere. God is the one who raises up kings and puts them down (Daniel 2:21). We can rest assured that, even in these sobering times of great turmoil, God is working out His plan here below, in Syria and beyond!