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Trump Presidency and the EU

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Many Europeans are uncertain about the impact President-elect Trump will have on Europe, and many are fearful. One German commentator wrote, “Europe in uncharted waters… The popularity of US presidents has always waxed and waned, but never has one struck fear into the heart of his allies like Donald Trump” (Deutsche Welle, November 9, 2016). Comments posted on Twitter (that were later deleted) by the French ambassador Gerard Araud stated, “After Brexit and this election, everything is possible. The world is collapsing before our eyes… Who knows what comes next?” (Euobserver, November 9, 2016, ). Others speculate that this election may speed the development of an EU army (Euobserver, November 15, 2016). The German defense minister recently said, “Europe needs common political will for more security policy relevance. The outcome of the election in America could provide an additional impetus… The Brexit decision and the election in the United States have set a new course” for the EU (Euobserver, November 11, 2016).

Germany’s February presidential election will also be important to watch! Europe’s future, as well as that of Israelite-descended nations like the U.S. and Britain, has long been prophesied. For more biblical understanding of these important events and how they will shape the future of our world, be sure to read or listen to our powerful booklet The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy.