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Winds of change continue blowing in Europe.

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The last couple of weeks have been filled with anticipation and action across Europe.  The Finnish parliament voted for a new prime minister, EU finance ministers approved a bailout package, EU leaders discussed the Greek debt situation—Greece is expected to need another bailout in the future—and the International Monetary Fund’s former head—until recently, a likely candidate for the French presidency—Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is now embroiled in a sex scandal.

Next week, “Spain will hold regional and municipal elections. Polls also forecast a heavy defeat for the ruling Socialists throughout Spain”–which could lead to early elections.  This could further destabilize a nation that many believe may be the next to request an economic bailout (, May 9, 2011).

Meanwhile, critics suggest Germany may be becoming ambivalent with its foreign policy (The Economist, May 12, 2011).

As the “iron and clay” mixture of European nations continues to solidify and then crack, students of Bible prophecy are reminded that God foretold these events long ago through Daniel (Daniel 2:33, 41-43).  God also revealed that eventually “ten kings” will be of “one mind,” for a time, and give their power over to a central Beast power—an entity that will play a dominant role on the world stage for a short time and make war with the returning Christ (Revelation 17:12-14).  

Rest assured that there is a God in heaven who will bring to pass what He has prophesied long ago!