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World wheat conditions worsen.

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The UN food agency has announced that the drought in China could place that country’s winter wheat crop in jeopardy. Experts warn that if much of the crop fails it could lead to social unrest like that in Egypt and Tunisia (Associated Press, February 8, 2011). Currently, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization believes that more than two-thirds of China’s wheat crop could be at risk for failure.

In the U.S., growers fear that excessive winter cold throughout the “bread basket” Midwest region may also damage the winter wheat crop (www.abcnews.go.com, February 2, 2011). Meanwhile, many Middle Eastern nations have placed wheat orders with the U.S., and Russia and India are refusing to sell wheat that they are presumed to have in surplus. “All these point to an impending crisis in food availability and prices that could lead to further turmoil globally” (The Times of India, February 14, 2011).

Bible prophecies have long warned that just before the end of the age, drought and famine would drastically impact world food supplies—including wheat! (Mark 13:8; Revelation 6:6). Where will world food problems go from here?