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Answering the Great Question

Answering the Great Question

It’s the question of our lives. But where can we find the answer?

There is a natural curiosity that young children possess. They look upon scenic environments with wonder, awed by the beauty and the variety of plant and animal life they encounter. What a child sees is unfiltered and not yet fully processed and categorized—making what they see new and captivating.

If I Were a Rich Man…

If I Were a Rich Man…

What is your best investment?

What if money were no object? Who hasn’t had this question put to them by a friend or acquaintance? What would be your answer? Would you decide to travel, buy a house or pay off your mortgage? Would you “party hearty,” or would you bank a sizable sum?

Folks in our Western culture often admire others who are financially successful. However, just because someone has made money doesn’t necessarily mean they have it made.

Mr. Know It All

The mystery of the future is one of the captivating elements in the mind of a young person as he or she imagines life ahead. Children come to wonder about their personal futures. A young boy may declare that when he grows up, he wants to fly jet aircraft. One of my own sons wanted to operate heavy earth moving equipment. My granddaughter wants to be a princess. As it so often happens, the desires of youth shift to different goals as the youngster becomes more familiar with his or her talents and skills. But, one thing usually remains the same—concerns about the future.

Under the Shadow of Your Wings

Our lives are often beset with upsets and troubles. Yet, so many times, we do not choose to look at what is soothing and uplifting. One famous author tells us that we have a choice as to where we center our attention (Philippians 4:8).

Much as we may believe that we can "go it alone" in life, we fare far better when we have help. Are you feeling alone—perhaps vulnerable? That doesn’t need to be the case. That same author, the Apostle Paul, stated that God would never abandon His people—those who sought to follow His ways (Hebrews 13:5).