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J. Davy Crockett III

As Cities Burn

Outraged protestors carrying “BLM” signs have filled the streets of many large cities in the United States following the death, at the hands of a white policeman, of a black man who resisted arrest. What should have been a routine apprehension of a suspect resulted in the man's violent death, which a bystander captured in a stunning video.

Jeremiah 6:16: Seeking “The Old Paths”

Twitter is a popular way to communicate in this age of social media. In a few words, a person or organization can put out opinions, random thoughts, political positions, personal philosophy, or simply go on a rant about some pet peeve or complaint. In a matter of moments, these ideas can be “blasted” around the world. This popular, wide-open forum of communication can be abused since intentionally inaccurate information or perversion is often promoted, sometimes by prestigious individuals or organizations.

The Bible’s Health Laws vs. Coronavirus

The Bible’s Health Laws vs. Coronavirus

The COVID-19 crisis exposes the "role of the bowl" in our global illnesses, showing that sometimes what's eating you is a matter of what you're eating.

Civil Rights or Moral Wrongs?

As individuals, our civil rights are very important to us, especially in the USA and most Western democracies. Today, an astounding array of behaviors have come to be considered civil rights. Many are choosing to ignore long-held social mores to pursue lifestyles that not only are unconventional but until recent times were considered aberrant behaviors indicative of mental illness. These behaviors include homosexuality and transgenderism, and some adherents of these lifestyles are pressing for more than recognition or a place in society.

Fun and Fulfillment

Fun and Fulfillment Article Image

We all need play. But we all need more than play, too.