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It’s Not About the Turkey

Do you have a pet peeve? You know, an irritation that rankles you, but in the grand scheme of things is relatively minor? As we in the United States approach our national day of Thanksgiving, it irritates me when people flippantly refer to it as “Turkey Day.” It is so much more than a day for turkey, football, and all the trimmings! Now, these things are great traditions, and I enjoy them as much as the next person—but they should not overshadow the origins and the meaning of the occasion.

The Bursting of the Bubble

As we experienced the most robust economy in memory, with full employment, rising wages, record retail sales, and booming international trade, it was the pride of government leaders and political parties.

The God Thing

Grandfather and grandson walking outdoors

Remove one crucial element, and society falls apart.

In the Image of God…

The Star Wars series of blockbuster movies has thrilled audiences since what is now called Episode IV hit the box office in 1977. The theme of good versus evil, symbolized by the “Force” and the “Dark Side,” has captured the imaginations of young and old alike. The memorable characters, fast-paced action scenes, and cheeky dialog pack theaters when each new installment is released.

"The God Thing"

Children are without guile, and they will often tell you very revealing things. A grandfather once told me about an experience with his ten-year-old grandson. Grandad asked the boy, “So, what are you studying in school these days?” to which the boy replied, “Did you know there is acid in a person’s stomach, but it doesn’t eat a hole in them?” His grandfather told him, “Yes, that is marvelous! It is how God made us as human beings.” He was dismayed when the boy responded, “Aw, Grandad, we don’t do ‘the God thing’ at our house!”