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J. Davy Crockett III

The Prize

Golden sunset with open bible

It’s the eternal payoff that you really should bet your life on.

Choose Your Fears

While economic issues dominate the attention of most people, global issues continue to loom large, causing concern about the future of the United States and its role as the leader of the free world.

Climate Change: A Misdirected Agenda?

In a quiet moment, as you consider the impact of the major issues that fill the news cycle, do you ever wonder how things will turn out? The hotly contested subject of climate change dominates the news and is on the political agenda of countries around the world. In the spirit of contemplation, fast forward in your thoughts to an evening in 2035 AD and consider the consequences to you, personally, if proposed remedies to climate changes are implemented (cue the blurry, wavy lines and spooky harp music as the scene changes):

The Sounds of Summer

Cicade on grass leaf

Could anything separate you from the peace of mind that comes through faith in Christ? Let the promises of God through His Son lead you through any trial.

In Search of Peace of Mind

Sunrise over green fields

In the “winter of despair,” where can we find a “spring of hope”?