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Skills for Living

You have probably heard the rather snarky phrase, “You can’t fix stupid!” It’s usually used as a put-down of a person or group that does something particularly inept, ridiculous, or doomed to failure. Of course, stupidity has existed since the dawn of humanity. Foolish thoughts bring foolish actions, and sometimes people spend a lifetime dealing with the disastrous results of such reckless, unthinking, and often sinful activities.

Lies Abound...

Is honesty the best policy?

Today, truth seems elusive as opposing political parties trade strident accusations of “Lies! All lies!” Popular media outlets proclaim “Breaking News!” with each raucous new charge and countercharge. Respected government agencies fire top officials for tarnishing their reputations and damaging their credibility.

A Malevolent Spirit

“Breaking News!” blares the media as another tragic shooting, bombing, knifing, or other terroristic act occurs in a church, synagogue, or amongst any gathering of people. Just by going about daily life, people expose themselves to the real danger of being killed or injured by religious fanatics or violent, glory-seeking criminal shooters. Individuals or groups fueled by racial hatred cause death and destruction.

Why Gender Confusion?

Why Gender Confusion?

Male and female He created them.

Is gender really a matter of choice? God’s teachings clearly tell us otherwise. Years ago, a commercial featured a little boy and girl having a conversation about taking photographs. A line in the ad was, “You can take pictures of the opposite sex.” Innocently, the little girl asked the boy, “Am I the opposite sex or are you?” Today, however, some would incorrectly answer, “Neither.”

An Unheard Cry

You have probably seen an emotional appeal while watching your favorite television program or the news. A voice filled with concern narrates an unsettling story of suffering and privation, as a shivering little dog turns its forlorn face to the camera. The narration continues cycling through images of other neglected animals, giving details of abandoned dogs and cats desperately needing shelter, food, veterinary care, and adoption by caring owners.