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J. Davy Crockett III

Luck is NO Lady!

In 1965, popular singer and actor Frank Sinatra had a hit song featured in the play Guys and Dolls. The song contained this lyric: “If you’ve ever been a lady to begin with, Luck, be a lady tonight!” It was a musical appeal to allow the singer to be a winner in a game of chance and in the “game” of life. Reliance on luck or good fortune is an ancient belief rooted in paganism that has influenced mankind throughout history.

The Arrival of American Irrelevance

Since the end of World War II, the United States has been the predominant world superpower, with seemingly unlimited economic and military might. But with prosperity and dominance came a letdown of personal moral standards.

The Betrayal of Innocence

Paper chain family

Loving others means condemning sin. Guard your children’s minds against the corrupting influence of sexualization and “gender movements.”

How Will the Judge Decide?

The funeral chapel was packed as I entered to pay my respects to the family of an old friend and his widow. As young men, decades ago, we worked together for a national company. His goal was to become an attorney. He attended law school at night and, in time, began a successful law practice. His calm demeanor, reputation for fairness, and even-handed application of the law resulted in his becoming a Circuit Judge, where he served with distinction for several years. Time is relentless, however, and in retirement his health waned until his demise.


On nightly news programs, there is often someone of note being “frog-marched” in manacles into or out of the Courthouse or Justice Building as photographers capture all the action. Within minutes, “Breaking News!” flashes across the screen, blasting the images around the world. Those shackled are mortified, totally humiliated as their reputation is tarnished and their life ruined.