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J. Davy Crockett III

The Instruction to “Work Out Your Own Salvation”

A legendary investor sometimes referred to as the “Oracle of Omaha” is one of the wealthiest men in the world, with his net worth estimated at $90.6 billion as of January 2020. Warren Buffett is known as an astute businessman and philanthropist with an uncanny track record of selecting companies that will achieve long-term success. Through the decades, his companies have thrived. Yet he does not micromanage his vast, varied enterprises.

The Bible Food Laws vs. Coronavirus

The world is anxiously watching the coronavirus, which originated in central China. Appearing suddenly, it rapidly spread in Wuhan, a city of 11 million located in Hubei province (population 58 million). The Chinese government has severely restricted all travel, attempting to quarantine several cities. Despite these drastic measures, the virus—which has flu-like symptoms and can be deadly—has spread to Europe and North America.

The End of Failure

A major railroad in the United States had a sign posted near the entrance of its expansive repair facility, where it maintained the rolling stock of the railway. The sign read, “Every accident is a result of the failure of man, methods, or material.

Recognizing Idolatry Today

The idea that modern society is influenced by idolatry seems ludicrous. Surely, most educated people have moved beyond behaviors that involve paganism—haven’t they? Hasn’t scientific progress liberated people from ancient superstition?

You may think, “This is a pretty safe subject for me. I’m certainly not influenced by idolatry!” Don’t be too sure. The Bible makes it obvious that idolatry dogs mankind’s heels in every age.

The Key to a Balanced Christian Life

A cousin of mine has been very successful in several business ventures. He has worked hard over many years and has accumulated wealth and property. He has the accouterments of luxury that one might expect, in the form of homes, cars, boats, an airplane, and a farm in the country. This cousin has traveled extensively in pursuit of his interests and passions. Along the way, his family has fallen apart and he has experienced a lot of heartache and pain. His “success” has not really brought him the peace of mind and satisfaction that he thought it would.