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A Sure Foundation

Canadian soldiers marching

All the rocks on earth are no comparison to the Rock of our salvation.

The Meeting Tree

The meeting tree

For escaped slaves traveling the Underground Railroad, a heritage tree in Ontario was a symbol of freedom. But Who will bring true freedom to a world enslaved by sin?

Lessons from the Frank Slide

Lessons from the Frank Slide

A horrific landslide in 1903 provides a picture of the coming collapse of modern society—a collapse most will be too distracted to see coming! What can the Frank Slide teach you about being prepared for the future?

The Extraordinary Ordinary Richardson's Ground Squirrel

Ground squirrel judging you

The smallest creatures can sometimes teach the greatest lessons. What can one humble gopher show us about the intricacy of God’s creative engineering?

God’s Creative Power Behind the Brainless Genius of the Sponge

God’s Creative Power Behind the Brainless Genius of the Sponge Article Image

Most of us think of sponges as everyday household items. Their softness and absorbency make them versatile tools for cleaning our bodies, floors, and dishes, and for applying paint to our walls. Although the sponges we use today are likely to be made of synthetic materials, for most of human history we harvested our sponges from the oceans—the dried bodies of aquatic invertebrates.