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Peter G. Nathan

I Am Ashurbanipal

 The British Museum in London has recently ended a marvelous exhibition. But why did it conspicuously ignore one of its greatest resources?

#MeToo Is Nothing New

#MeToo Is Nothing New

On October 25, 2018, Lord Peter Hain rose to his feet to address those assembled in the House of Lords, the United Kingdom’s upper house of Parliament. His speech lasted all of 37 seconds, but created a blast that would not have been exceeded had he detonated a nuclear device. Rather controversially, he had taken upon himself the responsibility of exposing what he saw as an intolerable “modern-day” injustice.

Beleaguered Europe

The European Union is having a tough time at present. Not only has it had to deal with GREXIT (the possible exit of Greece from the Eurozone), and continuing debt problems in its southern member states, but the widely reported enormous refugee crisis as well. Now to add to its concerns, the EU faces both a possible BREXIT, with Britain leaving Europe, and unrest on its eastern fringes.