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Jerusalem: The Way Forward

Western Wall at night

For decades, secular and religious influences have brought conflict and controversy in the tiny nation of Israel. Does the Bible predict worse troubles ahead?

The Cause of Israel's Woes

Israeli flag with a helmet

While the world’s attention has been focused on the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, what has been happening in Israel and the wider Middle East?

Britain and the Role of the Stranger

Britain and the Role of the Stranger

The immigration crisis is a real and present issue for many modern nations and a source of great anxiety for citizens and migrants alike. How does God expect people to treat foreigners in their lands, even in times of strife?

Ireland at 100

Ireland at 100

Will Ireland ever unite, or will all or part of it leave the United Kingdom? What will the outcome mean for the future of both Brexit and the EU? After a century of trial and trouble, Ireland may be facing greater uncertainty than ever.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Jerusalem at twilight with dome of the rock and wailing wall

True peace has been forever elusive for the “holy city”—but the Bible shows that it won’t be like that forever!