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Rod King (1949-2019)

A gentle bull?

Buried in the British press this week, amongst the stories of the global financial tsunami, comes one of a new ID card that is being stealthily introduced.  It has all the makings of yet one more directive from Brussels to the British government.  What does it portend for an uninformed British public?  Will it be another step toward a totalitarian European federal super-state?

Great Britain moves closer to rome

Queen Elizabeth II, Monarch of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and her territories gave her Royal Assent to her country's acceptance of the Lisbon Treaty on Wednesday, July 16, 2008. This act effectively marked the end of her position as Sovereign over this once great, independent nation that ruled vast areas of Africa, Asia and Australasia.


Last week I was in Kenya.  The troubles and violence of January 2008 have subsided since the opposing political parties stitched together a workable compromise in the Parliament.  A sense of national unity has arisen out of the shame of the six weeks of mayhem that took place early in 2008. Every day Kenyans are still recovering from the shock that such naked violence could happen in their land.