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Rod King (1949-2019)

Seven Proofs God Exists

Many people doubt God's existence. Even those who accept His existence may sometimes doubt that He is relevant in our modern world. Faith in God is not what it was in days gone by. But you can prove for yourself that God does exist -- and that He has a plan for your life and your future!

Are These the Last Days?

Many people recognize that the days we are now living in are more than just "unusual." These days mark the soon-coming end of a world that has brought suffering and misery to many. But there is good news on the horizon! Jesus Christ is preparing right now to return to planet Earth, as King of kings and Lord of lords, to bring peace and joy to our world! On this program, we will discuss how you can be ready for the day of His return.

You Can Survive Armageddon

What does the word "Armageddon" mean to you? Does it make you anxious? Maybe you do not even want to think about it. But it is a word you need to know. The dramatic events that will occur right before and right after "Armageddon" will bring great changes not just to far off lands, but also to the lives of you and your loved ones, right where you are!

From Sabbath to Sunday

Some people never take a day of rest. Others think they can choose their own day of rest and worship. But Scripture makes it clear: God set apart a specific day of the week as the day of rest for all human beings. Some think Saturday is that day. Others assume Sunday is that day. But who is right? What did Jesus Christ say? Should our day of worship be Saturday, or should it be Sunday?

Jerusalem: City of Peace?

The word "Jerusalem" is Hebrew for "City of Peace," but the troubled city by that name has not seen much peace over the years. As prophetic events continue to intensify, Jerusalem will gain even greater importance on the world stage, and will play a vital role in end-time events affecting the Middle East and the whole world. Your Bible explains how these events will affect you, and your loved ones, as the end of this age approaches!