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Rod King (1949-2019)

Is The Rapture Coming Soon?

Is it possible that you or your loved ones could be raptured tonight? Many millions of people on this earth believe this to be true, but is it?  You need to know what the truth is about Christ’s return and to hear vital facts about what will occur on this earth before His return.

As the Twig is Bent

What do raising children and gardening have in common? Isn’t it obvious? They each require time, patience and loving care—but believe me, the rewards are far above material payoffs!

How Do You Fix a Broken World?

“If it ain't broke, don’t fix it,” goes the old saying. It seems that some people have got to change things for the sake of change. The way they think is that if something is old, it must be wrong—and it’s their job to come up with something new. Somehow they believe that if something is new, it must be better, which of course is not always the case. Progress is not always as simple as that.

But what if something really is broken? What’s to be done?

How to Make Your Marriage Happier

A recent University of Chicago study found that 63 percent of married people are "very happily" married. Should that percentage be higher? Can you have a happier marriage? There are seven simple rules that can help you build a happier marriage, but do you know what those rules are? If you learn those rules—and follow them—you can have a happier marriage than ever, filled with the love and the blessings God intended!

Revelation Unveiled

The book of Revelation, in your Bible, is a mystery to most who try to make sense of its puzzling symbols and powerful images. Did you know that God has given us keys to understanding Revelation’s powerful prophetic message?